THURYAbiz will be the creative heartbeat of branding, innovation, transformation, and relationships in the region by 2029.


We elevate the essence of brands by redefining creative values and creating positive transformation experiences in the field of strategy and innovation to achieve customer satisfaction.


Focusing on human-centric, we inspire ambitious brands to grow by harnessing technology and expertise to innovate and create impactful and sustainable value.


Positive Impact

Our Story

We love stories. Stories that make us laugh, cry, think, and feel. Stories that connect us with ourselves, with others, and with the world. Stories that inspire us to grow, to change, and to create. But we know that stories don’t just happen. They are crafted with care, with passion, and with purpose. They are shaped by the culture we live in, by the values we hold, and by the vision we share. They are driven by the questions we ask, by the challenges we face, and by the solutions we find. That’s why we are here: To help you craft your story and tell it in a way that resonates with your audience and drive positive change in your brand and beyond.

Work Process

This whole process is repeatable to make sure our results are in harmony with our partners vision.

THURAYAbiz Stars

Aiming to the Stars

⎯ Project Delivery & Digitalization Manager (PDDM)
Sadiq AlMatar
⎯ General Operation & Creativity Manager (GOCM)
Mohammed AlKhusaibi
⎯ Automation & Digitalization Specialist (ADS) @thurayabiz
Abdullah Al Mohsin
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim
⎯ Finance & Accounting Specialist (FAS) @thurayabiz
Maisam AlHasani
⎯ Creative Lead (CL)
Mohammed AlRasheed
⎯ Design & multimedia Seniors (DMS)
Zakariya AlRujaibi
⎯ Account Manager (AM)
Fatima AlBalushi
⎯ Graphics Designer Specialist (GDS)
Mazin AlKhalifa
⎯ Communication & Media Speciallist (CMS)
Reem AlKharbooshi
⎯ Content & Marketing Specialist (CMS)
Eman Ali
⎯ Talent Engagement & Development Senior (TEDS)
AlZahraa AlHadhrami
⎯ HSE Engineer
Khulood AlHarmi
⎯ Multimedia Coordinator (MC)
Rahima AlMamari
⎯ Content Creation (CC)
Zahra AlMahruqi
⎯ Graphic Designer (GD)
Ghadeer AlBalushi
⎯ Marketing Specialist (MS)
Marwa Khalid
⎯ Graphics Designer (GD)
Hajer AlHashmi
⎯ Business Management Specialist (BMS)
Mozoon AlBalushi
⎯ Event Coordinator (EC)
Heba AlTooqi
⎯ Traffic Coordinator (TC)
Budoor AlMansuri
Our Partners